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Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantages


Compared to other weight loss surgeries, gastric banding:

Before & After Lap Band Surgery Photos
  • Can be reversed (though weight will likely be regained)
  • No stomach stapling or cutting, or intestinal re-routing
  • Lowest mortality rate
  • Adjustable to suit life changes, such as pregnancy
  • Least invasive surgical approach
  • No risk of severe nutritional deficiencies, because the organs remain intact


  • Slower initial weight loss than with gastric bypass
  • Less overall weight loss on average than with gastric bypass
  • Requires greater patient commitment because it does not inhibit eating sweets, fatty foods or between meals
  • Regular follow-ups are critical for optimal results
  • Requires an implanted medical device
  • In some cases, effectiveness can be reduced due to band slippage
  • In some cases, the access port may leak and require minor surgery