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Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal Surgery

For those dealing with colorectal cancer, surgery is the most effective type of treatment. At The Longstreet Clinic, P.C., our surgeons have a great deal of experience treating colorectal cancer, as well as the ability to consult with oncologists about the best combination of treatments.

In order to select the appropriate type of surgery for your specific case, special consideration is given to the size and location of the cancer. With both of those factors in mind, the surgeon will be able to discuss the appropriate options with you and determine a treatment plan.

Based upon your specific case, the surgeon may recommend various types of surgeries for treating the cancer. Usually, there are two main types of surgeries available:
  1. Colectomy:  Using an open approach, the surgeon removes the part of the colon where the cancer is located. The colon is then sewn back together. This open approach is usually used for larger tumors or complex tumors. This can be combined with other procedures, such as liver resection for metastases.
  2. Laparoscopic colectomy: Using a laparoscopic approach, which involves making a few very small (5-10 mm up to 10 cm) incisions, the surgeon uses a tiny camera and special instruments to cut out the cancerous sections of the colon or rectum. After the cancer is removed, the colon or rectum is sewn back together. Now available is a laparoscopic approach using a robotic surgery system. 
After your surgery is complete, you can expect a hospital stay of around seven days as your surgeon monitors your recovery. As the first few days go by, you will be given a liquid diet, and your diet will be slowly advanced. When the surgeon is satisfied with your recovery, he or she will discharge you to your home. You should be able to return to a normal life after about three weeks and typically will make a full recovery in about seven or eight weeks. 

We understand that treating cancer often is a stressful process for our patients, and our staff is committed to helping ease that stress throughout your treatment. From the initial consultation, where your surgeon works with you to select the best type of treatment, to surgery and post-op recovery, our team of healthcare professionals will be beside you each step of the way. For us, cancer is more than just treating a disease; it’s about treating you, the person, as well.
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