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About the Adjustable System

About the Adjustable System

It’s Adjustable

Because your needs can change as you lose weight, so can the diameter of both the Realize™ Band and the LAP-BAND® System. On the inner side of the bands, an inflatable ring can be filled with different levels of saline through a tube that runs to a port below your skin placed there during your surgery, generally right below your rib cage. The port cannot usually be seen even as you lose weight. But your surgeon can easily find it to add or remove saline as needed using a fine-needle syringe during simple outpatient visits.

This customizable weight-loss option allows for lifestyle situations, such as if a patient later becomes pregnant, she can expand her band to accommodate a growing fetus and nursing baby. Or patients who aren't experiencing significant weight loss can have their bands tightened.

Adjustment Visits

AGB patients generally require follow-up visits every 6 to 8 weeks the first year, during which your band may be adjusted. When the band is initially placed, no saline is injected. At your second follow-up, about 6 weeks after your surgery, the first adjustment will be made to your band. These adjustments may be necessary as long as you have your gastric band.