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Tendinitis Treatment

Tendinitis Treatment

It’s important to stay active throughout the course of your life. However, depending on the level of activity and movements of the body,the tendons (cords that attach bone to muscle) may become strained. This painful inflammation, tendinitis, is a common overuse injury that may result from everyday activities like yard work or specific sports. The good news is that tendinitis is easily treatable, but it must be caught early.

Because tendinitis is an overuse injury, the initial course of treatment is to stop the activity that caused it. After a period of rest (roughly three weeks or so), check to see if the affected joint is still inflamed. If so, make an appointment with an orthopedic physician to discuss other options including a steroid injection or anti-inflammatory medications. It’s important not to ignore the symptoms of tendinitis. As the pain increases, the tendinitis worsens, making it more difficult to treat and recover from.

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