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Pediatric Immunization Schedule

Pediatric Immunization Schedule

An immunization schedule is designed to ensure children are receiving the proper vaccines at the best time, to protect them from potential infections and diseases.  Immunizations help protect individuals from infections and prevent potential spreading of diseases that can cause serious health complications.

The schedule of vaccinations may vary according to your place of residence, your child’s health, the vaccine type and their availability. If your child suffers from medical conditions such as diabetes or if you are planning to travel outside of the United States, it is advised that you contact your doctor to discuss whether or not a different immunization schedule is needed for your child.

Immunization Schedule for Infants Immunization Schedule for Children (ages 2-18)

In some cases, vaccines may be offered as part of a combination to reduce the number of shots your child receives in particular time frame. The schedule is updated each year depending on the release of a new vaccine or changes in a current recommended immunization.  It is important to consult with your pediatrician on the necessary vaccinations for your child, as well as arranging a schedule most appropriate for them.

Frequent changes to the schedule may seem challenging for parents to stay up-to-date on the vaccines their children need. It is advised to use a guide to learn the most current vaccine recommendations and the types of vaccines that will be distributed in the near future. In the case that your child misses a dose of a vaccine, it is not necessary to start over, but simply ask your doctor about scheduling a “catch-up” vaccination.

Pediatric immunization schedules are dependent on your child’s age. A newborn will receive vaccines to prevent potential infections from approximately 14 different diseases. Infants are highly vulnerable to infectious bacteria; therefore it is critical to protect them by following the recommended infant immunization schedule. Several immunizations require more than one dosage and there are some that are not appropriate until your child reaches a certain age. We also offer a schedule of vaccinations for children for your reference. 

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