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Wee Care

Wee Care

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Wee Care is a specially designed area of Longstreet Clinic Pediatrics intended for newborns and their parents.

Clinics are places for the sick to receive care. Because of this, new parents are often apprehensive about bringing their healthy infants in for wellness exams for fear of unhealthy germs spreading to their children and making them sick.

It was exactly this apprehension that our pediatricians wanted to eliminate when they designed the Wee Care office at the Gainesville branch of Longstreet Clinic.

The intimate office setting of Wee Care separates newborn babies from other children, protecting them from childhood illnesses. For well baby visits only, Wee Care offers patient exam rooms set up for newborn check-ups at two weeks, two months, four months and six months of age.

Fashioned for infants age six months old or younger, the Wee Care office is baby-oriented, with rocking chairs, gliders, nursery décor and even a designated stroller parking area. It’s our goal to protect your newborn in a setting that’s comfortable, relaxing and familiar.

Wee Care is open for appointments Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For questions or to schedule an appointment with one of Longstreet Clinic’s pediatricians, please contact us at (770) 535-3611.

Baby Care 101

All parents are invited to attend our bimonthly Baby Care 101 class which provides expectant families with essential information on all aspects of caring for a new baby. Feeding, bathing, well baby visits, when to contact a pediatrician and a tour of our Wee Care facility are all included in this well-rounded seminar. Baby Care 101 is free, but registration is required. Visit our events page to choose the date that’s right for you. Please call (770) 297-2213 to register.


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