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Burch Surgery

Burch Surgery

The Burch surgery is a procedure for paravaginal repair. It is a technique that is now performed laparoscopy to treat urinary incontinence in women that is caused by a pelvic organ prolapse. This procedure uses general anesthesia and a laparoscope inserted in a small incision in the belly button. The surgery suspends the bladder in order to repair the wall separating the vagina and the bladder. A physician will insert permanent stitches next to the neck of the bladder and suturing them to the Cooper’s ligament that is connected to the pubic bone. The procedure will correct the weakness of the ligament so when a woman is “stressed,” the bladder will not move down or allow urine to escape.A laparoscopic Burch surgery is less invasive and painful than the traditional Burch surgery. After undergoing a Burch procedure, women may feel pain at the incision site or cramping in the abdomen. Physicians will prescribe pain medicine to ease comfort during the first few days after surgery.

The Burch surgery is successful in 80-90% of women who go through the procedure. Women experience significant improvement or total elimination of incontinence.

Where Burch Surgeries are Performed:
Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Gainesville

Who Can Perform Burch Surgery


Recovery Time: 
1-2 weeks

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