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Hysteroscopy & Polypectomy

Hysteroscopy & Polypectomy

A hysteroscopy is similar to an endoscopy, however it inspects the uterine cavity through the cervix using a hysteroscope. The hysteroscope comprises a light and camera to allow your physician to examine the uterine lining and internal reproductive organs prior to diagnosis of certain conditions. In some cases, it is also a precursor to a more serious surgery. It can be used to diagnose or treat, Polypectomy is an addition to a regular hysteroscopy in which your physician may need to remove fibroids or polyps. This test allows physicians to obtain this tissue easily and have it tested. 

Where Hystereoscopies are Performed:
Center for Women’s Health at The Longstreet Clinic

Who Can Perform A Hysteroscopy:

Your Physician 

Recovery Time:

Recovery time for Hysteroscopies or Polypectomies is less than a day. You can return to your normal, daily activities following the procedure.

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