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Vaginal Birth After C-Section

Vaginal Birth After C-Section

Vaginal birth after caesarian deliveries, also known as VBAC, has become increasingly safe and a viable option for women who are interested in delivering vaginally. Approximately 90 percent of women who have had a cesarean delivery are candidates for vaginal birth.
VBAC is situational and varies based on the reason for cesarean delivery and the number of cesarean deliveries you have had. VBAC allows you to experience a shorter and more comfortable recovery time as well as avoid risks of undergoing major abdominal surgery or infection.
If you are planning to have more children, talk to your physician about the risks of having multiple cesarean deliveries. Women who elect to have a trial of labor after cesarean delivery or TOLAC must understand the possible risk of rupturing the cesarean scar on the uterus, causing a uterine rupture. These scars vary by type of incision.
There are some pregnancies and situations when VBAC is not recommended. Your physician will examine your case and recommend the best option for you. When considering vaginal birth, remember to check our childbirth education class schedule
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