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Bariatric Surgery/Obesity Solutions

Bariatric Surgery/Obesity Solutions

Obesity Solutions specializes in surgical and non-surgical weight loss. 

Long-term weight loss is a life-long journey. And after more than 4,000 surgeries, Obesity Solutions in Northeast Georgia knows that the journey's outcome depends on far more than a successful surgery. 

Our approach to treating morbid obesity is not a "quick fix," but rather a long-term commitment of emotional and psychological help. For our patients who have committed to changing their lives, we provide a comprehensive program of pre- and post-operative education, therapy, nutrition counseling and lifelong follow-up support.

If you are considering this life-altering surgery, know that Obesity Solutions is committed to helping you from the beginning and will not stop helping you once your bill is paid. We’re looking for the weight-loss victory that comes with time, new choices and the support of others.  If you are searching for a weight loss solution in Northeast Georgia, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our approach in helping individuals reach their weight loss goals. 

Your Solution in Northeast Georgia

At Obesity Solutions, we also offer non-surgical Medical Weight Loss for patients who do not qualify for surgery, do not have insurance coverage for surgery or patients who need a plan prior to surgery. 

Learn more about medical weight loss and the surgical procedures we offer.

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705 Jesse Jewell Parkway SE
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Gainesville, Georgia 30501

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