For when the spell Expecto Patronum isn’t enough…

You have us ready with more than magic to shield your wizard.

WHETHER YOU’VE GOT A GRYFFINDOR, RAVENCLAW, SLYTHERIN OR HUFFLEPUFF, we’re your partner for comprehensive care as they grow. Our experienced team is devoted to providing the highest quality care for newborns, young children and adolescents including sick visits, well child check-ups and immunizations.

With offices conveniently located in Gainesville, Oakwood, Baldwin, Braselton and Buford, we’re ready to serve you.

Our locations

Gainesville: 770-535-3611
Oakwood: 770-533-6500
Buford: 770-932-8519
Baldwin: 706-776-2368
Braselton: 770-533-4770

After Hours Care

We are proud to offer Hall County’s only urgent care staffed by board-certified pediatricians. Pediatric Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the third floor in Gainesville.

For more information about our comprehensive pediatrics practice, explore our website.

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