Longstreet remains ‘in-network’ for UHC members

Published May 1, 2023

Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) and UnitedHealthcare (UHC) contract lapsed April 30, 2023. Those negotiations involved coverage for services provided to UnitedHealthcare commercial health insurance plan members at NGHS facilities, including NGMC & NGPG facilities.

Longstreet Clinic operates independently from NGHS, therefore we have a separate contract with UnitedHealthcare. Our contract with UHC remains in place and is not impacted by the decision by UHC and NGHS. All Longstreet Clinic physicians, advanced practice providers and locations remain in network for UnitedHealthcare members.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a UnitedHealthcare member and a patient at Longstreet Clinic. How does the NGHS/United contract expiration affect me and my family?

Care you receive from Longstreet Clinic providers in our offices, will continue to be paid as in network.

However, should you require hospital care, charges from the Northeast Georgia Medical Center facility where you receive care could be considered out of network. This contract change does not affect any UnitedHealthcare Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare State Health Benefit Plans.

Gainesville Surgery Center and Northside Hospital Gwinnett facilities are not affected by this negotiation and remain in network for United members. Procedures scheduled at these facilities are not impacted.

I’m pregnant and receive obstetrical care at Longstreet Clinic, but I’m due to deliver at NGMC soon OR I see a Longstreet Clinic surgeon and am planning to have surgery at NGMC OR my dad is an oncology patient at Longstreet who receives some treatment at NGMC facilities. What should I do?

Longstreet Clinic patients who may need treatment at a NGHS facility who are in active care and completing a course of treatment with a Longstreet Clinic provider should have continuous in-network coverage under Continuity of Care requirements. For those patients in active treatment or with known procedures, inpatient or outpatient, at NGMC (e.g., obstetrics, oncology, hematology, surgery, etc.), it will be necessary for Longstreet Clinic staff to work with you to complete the necessary paperwork needed to claim continuity of care. Longstreet Clinic staff will follow guidance from UHC to assure your services are considered in network.

If I am an UnitedHealthcare policy holder, what comes next?

We continue to monitor the situation and remain in regular contact with UHC leadership and NGMC leadership. It is our hope that both parties will reach an agreement soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact your provider’s office should you have additional questions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 770-533-6629. We have set up this number specifically to help us hear from you and work with you to answer questions. The number is staffed by an LC patient service representative who will have resources to help navigate the situation. If you have to leave a voicemail, we commit to you to return your call promptly.

Northeast Georgia Health System and UnitedHealthcare have published web pages with information and resources you can find here:

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