Neurologist McDonald featured on ‘Top Docs Radio’

Show discussed health care economics

Frank McDonald, M.D., M.B.A., a board-certified neurologist with Longstreet Clinic in Gainesville and immediate past president of the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), discusses medical and health care economics on the latest episode of MAG’s ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.

  • Whether health care is a right
  • What role, if any, the government should play in health care
  • How America’s health care system compares with the rest of the world
  • Some of the unique ways other countries solve their health care problems
  • What Americans think of our health care system
  • How health insurance companies earn profits
  • Why it’s important to reduce the number of uninsured
  • Some of today’s biggest health care barriers
  • What “universal coverage” means
  • The link between quality and access and health outcomes
  • The best ways to fix America’s health care system

Hear the whole thing by clicking here.

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