What Do You Learn at Laser School?

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If you are interested in pursuing a healthcare career as an assistant or senior laser practitioner, you will certainly have questions about where to get started. 

The good news is that understanding of the work involved in being an assistant laser practitioner does not require years of in-depth study or certification. In fact, everything you need to acquire a licenses can be learned via intense but relatively quick coursework completed under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced physician and aesthetician. These courses are sometimes referred to as laser school.

This cutting-edge level of healthcare is as exciting as it sounds. And if you are interested, you should pursue certification as soon as possible, as the field is booming and is expected to continue to grow. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the skin care specialist field to grow by 11 percent between 2018 and 2028 – which is more than double the rate for all occupations in general.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a deeper look. What do you learn at laser school after all?

Considerations before enrolling in laser school

Before you start looking for available courses and attempt to enroll, understand a couple of realities about laser training:

Laser school is where you go to earn the three certificates necessary to apply for a professional license in the state of Georgia.

To attend any laser school, you must first be a licensed health care professional. This means you must be a licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA), or physician (MD and/or DO), or a licensed esthetician or master cosmetologist.

Now that that’s out of the way, understand that you should search for laser training that will impart a complete understanding of the work involved in being a laser practitioner – one that offers students an in-depth knowledge of laser theory, as well as safety aspects and the science of lasers.

What will I learn from Laser School class sessions?

When looking for laser school courses, be sure to check and see its points of emphasis in the training. 

You may already understand that lasers allows practitioners to address cosmetic concerns and provide, laser wrinkle reduction, laser stretch mark removal, laser hair removal, laser acne reduction, laser tattoo removal, abnormal pigment reduction, amongst other types of care. But to achieve these ends requires a firm foundation in laser care and a broad overview of the many types of devices that help achieve it. All worthy courses should most certainly allow you to observe and then take part in laser treatments themselves.

Coursework should also include an understanding of not just how lasers work but why. That means you will learn aspects such as:

  • The Fitzpatrick Scale – a scientific method of skin classification
  • How skin and tissue interact with the laser
  • Selecting the right wavelengths and laser for each procedure

Classes should also give you an understanding of effective pre- and post-treatment care for the patient, as well as teach you how select clients that will achieve the results they seek from laser treatment.

Once in the training course itself, you should expect to learn these basic treatments and how laser care addresses each:

  • Laser Hair removal
  • IPL Photo facial
  • Vascular lesions: Vein and capillary removal with Yag
  • Skin Resurfacing

More in-depth and complete courses will also address aspects such as micro-needling and derma-planing.

What are the main takeaways I should look for from laser training?

When searching for the right laser training for you here in Georgia, try and select a school that also will do its utmost to help you find your way in aesthetic care. 

That means it is best to find a school that offers more than just informative training but also hands-on experience and a chance for further training post-course, including how-to:

  • Complete your laser licensing process
  • Receive your Georgia laser license
  • Apply knowledge gained to any laser in any professional setting
  • Receive references and assistance for employment

Because, for all the knowledge and training you receive, a class that sets you up for success in the field will also teach you how to address the job market within laser care.

How long can I expect training to take?

There’s no need to be overwhelmed with years or even months of laser school training. In fact, many of courses offer in-depth instruction and experience over the course of just one day. Understand that the most detailed courses also offer the option for further specialized training.

You will also likely be able to find a course that is geographically and logistically convenient for you. 

For instance, north Georgia’s Longstreet Clinic offers a one-day course that meets all the state’s compliance regulations. Conducted by the Longstreet Laser Institute, this training regimen offers students the opportunity to obtain three certificates while fully preparing them for a career as a laser practitioner. The Medical Physician Didactic Course will provide theory, safety and the science of lasers leaving you with a firm foundation and a broad overview of multiple devices.

Who should be teaching laser school courses?

All laser healthcare training should be conducted by licensed physician or accredited CME provider preferably whom will have years of experience as well as knowledge about the latest laser techniques and advances in this revolutionary field of healthcare.

Longstreet Clinic’s laser training, for instance, is guided by experienced course instructors Dr. Andrew Reisman, MD, Medical Esthetician and Assistant Laser Practitioner Lisa Lamb, and Medical Esthetician and Assistant Laser Practitioner Michele Salazar. This trio of respected practitioner instruct students on certain Saturdays at Longstreet Clinic’s Laser Institute.

Where can I learn more?

If you are interested in Longstreet Clinic’s in-depth laser school simply contact us today at 770-533-6658 or visit our website.

Longstreet’s three-part training series allows students to gain full knowledge of laser care, as well as helps them to become proficient in their use – and more. Included in Longstreet’s laser training is:

An overview of the practical theories of the utilization of lasers that includes:

  • Laser physics and safety
  • Anatomy of skin and hair
  • Tissue interaction
  • Skin typing and analysis
  • Selecting good candidates
  • Pre- and post-treatment care
  • Adverse events
  • Laser terminology
  • Machine setting and operation
  • Treatment technique
  • Patient consultation

Longstreet Clinic also allows you to observe the administration of laser treatment by a licensed laser practitioner – from patient consultation to post laser instruction. And our interactive training also ensures that you apply your practical studies by practicing techniques, hand placements, spacing and more.

Longstreet even offers an externship with a licensed professional. 

So, if you are interested in helping patients achieve their ultimate goals and are or wanting a new career as a laser technician or aesthetician. Please contact us today to learn more: 770-533-6658.

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