Why choose Longstreet Clinic Aesthetics for training?

The field of aesthetics – also referred to as laser practice – offers an exciting opportunity in the field of healthcare.

This cutting-edge specialty is booming, with new job creation at a rate unseen in almost any other field.* Not only that, aesthetics does not require years of study to obtain practice certification. In fact, certain laser schools offer intensive one-day training courses designed to provide you with all the necessary information to begin your career as a professional aesthetician.

In the state of Georgia, you must earn three certificates to apply for professional licenses – you must also be a licensed healthcare professional to obtain certification. This means you must be a licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA), or physician (MD and/or DO), or a licensed esthetician or master cosmetologist. So, if you qualify and are interested in pursuing a career in laser practice, the question is which training program is right for you?

About Longstreet Clinic’s Laser Institute

There are many choices available – but few can match the advantages offered by Longstreet Clinic’s Laser Institute.

What sets the Laser Institute apart?

There are many aspects that make Longstreet Clinic’s aesthetics training unique – including expertise, curriculum, and access. Yet perhaps the most important feature is the fact that the Laser Institute is part of a 27-plus-year-old, respected medical practice.

Longstreet Clinic is a healthcare leader in north Georgia and beyond, having established itself as an innovative, high quality, multi-specialty practice repeatedly recognized in the annual ‘Best of Hall’ reader’s choice contest and among the top physician group practices in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Book of Lists.” And that commitment to quality certainly extends to the Laser Institute.

“I have been a part of the Longstreet Clinic team for more than 26 years,” said Andrew Reisman, M.D., a family medicine specialist who began and has helped guide Longstreet’s Laser Institute. “Through the years we have been recognized as one of the largest independent group practices in Georgia. In addition, Longstreet Clinic is consistently recognized by the community and healthcare industry for its quality care and innovation.

Knowledgeable leadership

Longstreet’s laser courses utilize a core curriculum that provides student professionals with the building blocks necessary to embark on a successful path as an aesthetician. And it does so thanks to the expertise and commitment of Laser Institute creators and instructors such as Dr. Reisman, Medical Esthetician and Laser Assistant Lisa Lamb, and Medical Esthetician Michele Salazar.

“Dr. Reisman is a board-certified family medicine physician with more than 15 years’ experience in laser and aesthetics,” said Steve Tolson, Longstreet Clinic’s director of primary care operations. “In addition, he is a leader in healthcare across the state, serving as vice-chair of the Georgia Composite Medical Board, the president of the Medical Association of Georgia in 2019-2020, Gov. Kemp’s COVID-19 Task Force, and the 2019 State Senate committee on Tort reform.”

Dr. Reisman and his team understand what is required from a certification perspective and that of a practicing aesthetician and have thus structured Laser Institute classes to provide a course that not only meets statewide requirements but provides the information that a student needs to treat patients safely and effectively.


In-Depth Curriculum

The Laser Institute focuses on a total look at what aesthetics offers – not just the cosmetic approach offered by many other laser training classes.

Yes, lasers can do much to improve the look and feel of skin, but it is a much broader and deeper field of care than just cosmetics. And that is why the Laser Institute includes a three-part study of aesthetics.

Part 1: An overview of the practical theories of the utilization of laser, including:

  • Laser physics and safety
  • Anatomy of skin and hair
  • Tissue interaction
  • Skin typing and analysis
  • A good candidate
  • Pre and post treatment care
  • Adverse Events
  • Laser terminology
  • Documentation and consent forms
  • Machine setting and operation
  • Treatment technique
  • Patient consultation

Part 2:  Observation of laser treatment by a licensed laser practitioner – including patient consultation to post-laser instruction.

Part 3: Interactive training, during which students practice their techniques, hand placements, spacing and more on real lasers.

Beyond that, the Laser Institute also offers further in-depth training, including:

  • A micro needling course
  • A dermaplaning course
  • An externship with a licensed professional


Technology Access

Longstreet Clinic’s Laser Institute has access to some of the latest laser technology for training.

These tools of the trade, allow students to learn in-depth techniques such as:

  • Laser hair removal
  • IPL photo facial
  • Vascular lesions: vein removal with YAG
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin resurfacing


“In total, it is a thorough and deliberate training program that allows you to gain key knowledge and earn state certification. And it also ensures trainees are ready to embark on meaningful careers,” Dr. Reisman said.

And because Longstreet Clinic providers respect your time and understand your constraints, we offer all this during daylong classes on Saturdays once a quarter.

If you are interested in Longstreet Clinic’s in-depth laser school simply contact us today at 770-533-6658 or visit our website.


*The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the skin care specialist field to grow by 11 percent between 2018 and 2028 – which is more than double the rate for all occupations in general.

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