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Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain

Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain

Do not live your life with unnecessary joint pain.  If you are experiencing foot, ankle or knee pain, consider making an appointment with the experts at Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The Longstreet Clinic in Gainesville. Dr. Holmes Marchman is a physiatrist who specializes in treating patients who are experiencing musculoskeletal and neurological problems, and with his team works to restore functional ability and quality of life to those suffering from knee, ankle and foot pain.
Knee, ankle and foot pain all have numerous possible causes. Many times they are caused by acute injuries such as falling, abnormal twisting or bending, but there also may be underlying problems causing the patient’s pain. Some patients experience this pain because they have osteoporosis, arthritis or overuse injuries caused by certain activities such as bicycling or jogging. When experiencing knee, ankle or foot pain, it is important to seek proper diagnosis and treatment, and avoid a worsening of the problem.

Treatment for knee, ankle and foot pain varies depending on the cause, location and severity of the injury. A patient’s age, health condition and activity level are all aspects that are taken into consideration. Treatments often include physical therapy, bracing, medication or a combination.
The goal of the team at Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is to design an effective treatment that accurately fits the needs of the patient so he or she can get back to regular, pain-free activity.

Patients respond to treatment differently, and some may need to make lifestyle changes to avoid further injury. However, no matter the nature of your injury, you can be assured that Dr. Marchman and his team will be professional and give you the best instruction and treatment for a positive outcome. Call 770-536-6300 today to schedule an appointment.