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Fracture, Sprain & Strain Care

Fracture, Sprain & Strain Care

Fractures, sprains and strains are typical if you lead an active lifestyle, and depending on the severity, may be extremely painful. To determine the best course of treatment for your pain, it’s important to know which type of injury you have sustained.

There are a variety of treatment options available for fractures, sprains and strains, but first and foremost, rest and immobilization are essential. Keeping the injury still is the key to healing. Also, icing the injury helps prevent swelling. Common over-the-counter medications, such as Advil, can ease the pain and inflammation.
For a fracture (broken bone), a cast often is used to prevent movement, allowing the bone to heal over time. Sprains and strains, however, involve the ligaments, which may be partially or completely torn. Ligament injuries often need to be rehabilitated, and this is accomplished through partial movement. A variety of braces and splints that limit movement but do not completely immobilize the injury are commonly used.

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