An EPIC Journey

Implementing innovative health solutions.

On July 1, 2019, Longstreet Clinic will implement an innovative information system platform called EPIC. By implementing EPIC at Longstreet Clinic, our providers will now share one patient medical record across other Epic providers in Northeast Georgia – including Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s (NGMC) hospital facilities, The Heart Center of NGMCNortheast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, connecting care throughout our community like never before.

If you are a patient with one, or more, of these groups, all your providers will be able to access the same shared health record, placing access to such items as medication lists, procedure lists, diagnostic results and past medical histories at their fingertips. This game-changing technology has the power to connect your medical care across our community, creating a more seamless and improved environment of care for you.

We are excited about the functionality and innovative solutions this system provides including a new patient portal — MyChart.

In addition, this platform will replace most all of Longstreet’s other information systems including laboratory, radiology, billing and financial – literally touching every aspect of Longstreet’s operations.

Longstreet Clinic is no stranger to electronic health technology. We were an early adopter in 2001 when we implemented the region’s first electronic health record. In fact, we received the e-Technology Award from the Physicians’ Institute of Excellence for successfully implementing an electronic medical records system that had a positive impact on clinical practice and quality care.  The transition to EPIC is reflective of our commitment to continual innovation; however, we understand you may have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Longstreet choose EPIC as our information systems platform?

EPIC has already helped more than 250 million patients worldwide and is used at the some of the leading hospitals across the nation*. It is the same health information technology that our region already shares — Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC), The Heart Center at NGMC, and Northeast Georgia Physicians Group. So, if you are a patient at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, The Heart Center, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group and Longstreet Clinic, your providers can now share one health record.

* The majority of U.S. News and World Report’s top-ranked hospitals and medical schools use EPIC.

If I am already a user of MyChart, will my Longstreet Clinic information now become part of that record?

Yes! MyChart will give you access to your complete chart including other EPIC users including Northeast Georgia Medical Center, The Heart Center, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, Longstreet Clinic and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Will my old medical records and patient history become a part of my new electronic medical record?

We have followed and exceeded industry standards for conversion of your medical information including labs and imaging. In addition, your Longstreet providers will be able to access our previous system’s information.

Will you have additional support?

You may see additional support people on all our campuses during our transition period to help us as we get comfortable using the new systems so we can stay focused on you. While all of us have completed extensive training the extra support people are here to answer questions we have and support the Longstreet Clinic team. Please know, your privacy is important to us. All of the additional support staff will follow Longstreet Clinic policies and procedures.

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