New Aesthetics technology available now

Pain-free solutions to skin and hair conditions

Longstreet Clinic is excited to announce the addition of new technology to its Aesthetic services that promises unparalleled results while decreasing treatment time, decreasing downtime and increasing the number of treatments offered.

The M22 and NuEra tight, both by Lumenis, feature cutting-edge laser and radio-wave science, respectively, that provide pain-free solutions to skin and hair conditions in a quick and precise manner.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the use of these two new machines to patients at our Oakwood location,” Longstreet Clinic Family Medicine physician Andrew B. Reisman, M.D., said. “These machines offer the absolute most advanced options in aesthetic care and will allow our patients to see obvious results in a short amount of time. And they do this while minimizing pain, eliminating invasiveness, and making long recoveries a thing of the past.”

M22 Laser

The M22 Laser utilizes a mixture of technologies, including intense pulsed light and laser, to help cure a wide-range of skin and hair follicle conditions, including cellulite, skin laxity, acne scars, stretch marks, rosacea, uneven skin tone and leg veins, amongst other uses. The M22 can also aid in laser hair removal while also offering personalized skin care solutions, including skin resurfacing.

In use at Longstreet Clinic since October 2018, this latest science not only decreases treatment time, it also streamlines treatment options on-site by offering real-time solutions to each individual’s needs.

Patients can also rest assured that the M22 requires only a small topical application in order to provide the kind of treatment once reserved for more invasive procedures. That includes a non-ablative fractional skin rejuvenation, in which the laser actually creates channels in the skin — rather than removing larger layers of skin. This allows for a quicker healing time while creating the appearance of younger-looking skin in a minimum number of sessions.

“The M22 is really a one-stop shop for a number of skin and health issues,” Reisman said. “And it also takes a lot of guess-work out of the equation for the doctors and technicians. It really is an impressive machine.”

NuEra tight

Decreased office visits and state-of-the-art health solutions are also a standard feature of the NuEra tight.

The NuEra utilizes very different technology from the M22, aiding patients via radio waves instead of laser, but it is equally ground-breaking in its treatment.

Radio waves penetrate the exposed tissue, generating heat between 40-45 degrees Celsius in order to reduce the bulk of fat cells and stimulate collagen and the protein elastin, which rejuvenate skin and connective tissue while improving its elasticity.

This process allows the NuEra tight to treat cellulite, literally bursting the fat cells in a pain-free manner, while also tightening and smoothing treated skin on virtually any part of the body, including areas like the jawline, under the eyes, hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks — where stubborn cellulite gathers.

“The heat created triggers the body’s collagen and the elastin responses to the treated area and makes use of the body’s own healing ability,” Reisman said. “It’s also very user-friendly and, through a series of cumulative treatments, can make an impressive difference to a patients’ skin.”

The heat created by the NuEra tight is easily tolerated by patients, feeling somewhat like a hot-stone massage.

To learn more about these cutting edge technologies and schedule an appointment with Longstreet Clinics Aesthetics, please contact us today at 770-533-6658 or learn more here.

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