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At Longstreet Clinic Vascular & Vein we are now offering a new procedure called TransCarotid Artery Revascularization, or TCAR, for patients with carotid artery disease who are at risk for needing traditional open surgery. We are proud to offer this new technology to our high-risk patients, a clinically proven, less invasive alternative to help prevent future strokes with a faster recovery time. 

Our physicians evaluate each patient’s condition and risk factors to determine whether TCAR or a different procedure is right for you. 

How does it work? 

During the TCAR procedure, a sheath is inserted directly into the carotid artery through a small incision on the neckline. This system creates a reversal of blood flow. Any debris or clots that may dislodge from the artery during procedure flow away from the brain into a filter system outside of the body. 

Because of this, we can now safely cross the blockage and insert the stent to open blood flow, stabilizing the plaque to help prevent future strokes. The blood can then be filtered and returned back into the body through a vein in the groin. The surgeon will remove the sheath and close the incision. 

Benefits of TCAR over other treatments 

Other treatment options such as carotid endarterectomy or open surgery, as well as carotid artery stenting, have been shown to effectively treat blockages. However, benefits of TCAR include: 

  • The entire procedure is performed in less than half the time of a carotid endarterectomy, limiting the stress on the heart and significantly cutting the risk of the patient having a stroke or heart attack during the procedure.
  • By reversing the blood flow, we’re preventing any plaque that might dislodge inside the artery during the procedure from traveling up to the brain, inadvertently causing a stroke.
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