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Patient Testimonials

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Patient
Delores DeGoey
"My first meeting with Dr. Garrett was sort of what you hope it would be because you are going to experience something difficult. He came in, sat down and made me feel very relaxed. He is a very warm, intelligent, kind man...He is a good listener, and he and his staff are very good at educating the prospective patient. I felt fully aware of what I was going into."
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Patient
Greg Ladd
"Forty five minutes after surgery I am walking up and down the hallway, climbing was wonderful. It was almost an emotional experience, it was so different from what I had experienced before. It was everything they said it was going to be and more. It basically gave me my life back..."
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Patient
Dianna Lanterman
" I just got to the point where I knew that I had to have something done to continue life and to have some quality of life that I was used to having and get back to enjoying myself. I had my surgery last July the 31st of 2014 and I am back to the place I was 10 years ago or earlier. I can do just about anything that I want to....It is just wonderful, I am a normal person again."
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Patient
Isabel Nazaari
"It is interesting now, after two years have gone by, I don't even remember I had surgery...I can do things now. I can actually get on the floor and play with my grandbaby. That is just so, so lovely to not feel that I was old. That is what I felt before....I can't do this and that's not true, there is alot of life in a seventy year old, especially after surgery."  
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Patient
Robert Rogers
"I was back on the fire truck in 6 weeks...people were just amazed that I could do that... When he turned me loose he said "you're good to go, you're good to go, so go back and do your job like you've always done. To be real honest with you, it was easier to do my job because I wasn't having that pain. It was a Godsend that we were able to get this done and allows me to continue my career."
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Patient
Else Seese
"I can do everything now. I can clean my house, dig in my garden, I play with my dog. I do everything now...Dr. Garrett is an excellent surgeon, in the case that I have to have another surgery... he is the only doctor I want, because I trust him. He is a very good person and a good doctor. "