Hematology / Blood Disorders

Treating blood cancers and disorders.

Blood is present in almost every part of the human body. It is also through the bloodstream that cancers often spread throughout the body. And there are also specific cancers that affect the blood and bone marrow (which produces the blood that pulses through our bodies). 

With that in mind, you can see how the study of blood – called hematology – and the study of cancer – called oncology – share much in common. That is why many oncologists are also hematologists. The two studies frequently overlap.

Longstreet Clinic understands the precision involved in both studies – and the precision involved in treating all types of cancer. And that is why we offer several cutting-edge treatments by our board-certified oncologists and hematologists.

Hematology and blood cancers

There are three types of hematologic cancers, or cancers of the blood: 

  • Leukemia (bone marrow and blood)
  • Lymphoma (lymphatic system) 
  • Myeloma (plasma cells) 

A Longstreet Clinic hematologist will be able to properly diagnose these conditions and determine your best course of treatment.

Blood cancer treatments

There are multiple types of leukemia, and your treatment will depend on several factors, including age and which type you’ve been diagnosed with. To that end, Longstreet Clinic hematologists and oncologists will work hand in hand with you to keep you informed of your options and determine your best course of treatment.

Lymphoma treatments utilize radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of the two treatments to fight the disease. In other cases, stem cell transplantation may be recommended.

Myeloma treatment, meanwhile, depends on what stage the disease is in when it is diagnosed. Like lymphoma, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of the two may be used to treat myeloma. Stem cell transplantation may also play a role in myeloma treatment.

Because of the variety of options, Longstreet Cancer Center’s goal is to provide the patient with as much access to care as possible in one convenient location. Our onsite pharmacy makes it simple to acquire specific drugs quickly, and our onsite lab will ensure reliable results in an accurate and efficient manner. This matters to us because we understand that following your course of treatment, blood tests are required to monitor your progress.

Other hematology treatments

Hematology is not just about cancer. In fact, there are several more blood disorders that are not cancerous, including clotting issues, anemia, sickle cell, and hemophilia. 

Longstreet Clinic hematologists understand how to treat each of these concerns, both through diet, supplements, medications, and injections. And they will assure you on how to treat and handle each of these conditions.

Longstreet Clinic understands the stresses involved in cancer and blood disorder treatment. Our staff understands that this is a complicated and trying time for you and your loved ones. A cancer diagnosis is often stressful, and our goal is to help you meet that challenge with as much knowledge and confidence possible. We accomplish this by keeping wait times within our office to a minimum and providing access to a physician 24 hours a day.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with a hematologist at Longstreet Clinic Cancer Center in Gainesville, Braselton or Toccoa, please call 770-297-5700 or toll free at 866-833-9029.

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