Ready to Lose Weight?

Learn how bariatric surgery is changing lives

Whether you’d like to lose 15 pounds or 150 pounds, Longstreet Clinic Center for Weight Management understands trying to lose weight on your own can be overwhelming.

Right now it’s open enrollment time for many companies, which means it’s the perfect time to check with your insurance provider to see if there will be any newly covered services included in your plan, or if there is another plan available that might better meet your needs for the new year. We are excited that the Georgia State Health Benefit Plan just released details of its coverage offerings for 2022 which include a few newly covered services including bariatric surgery.

No matter your insurance coverage, we are here to help make your weight loss goals a reality through our medical and surgical offerings, just as we did for our patient Stephanie. Stephanie’s weight held her back for 45 years -but after losing 70 pounds with Longstreet Center for Weight Management she is celebrating her wins — like seeing the scale in the 100s for the first time in years and earning gold in her first pickleball tournament.

Learn more about Center for Weight Management by watching our Facebook Live discussion that took place on Nov. 1, 2021. Get to know our physicians, one of our patients, and hear answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Watch now: Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Wait


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