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Vascular Access Center

Vascular Access Center

The outpatient Vascular Access Center at The Longstreet Clinic is the first of its kind in Northeast Georgia and is able to serve a wide range of patients for a variety of vascular procedures. The Vascular Access Center was designed to allow the Vascular Team to offer a variety of procedures in an outpatient setting.

Procedures provided in the Vascular Access Center include:
Additionally, we are able to offer catheter placement, fistulograms and thrombectomy (“declot”) procedures for our dialysis population. If conscious sedation is required, we provide anesthesia support and a nurse monitored recovery area.

We also have expanded our ICAVL-accredited vascular diagnostic testing lab, the first to achieve this status in Northeast Georgia, to include:
  • Abdominal aorta duplex scan / Visceral duplex scan
  • Arterial duplex scan
  • Carotid duplex scan
  • Arterial testing of upper and lower extremities
  • Venous duplex scan and/or venous reflux
With this enhancement to services available in the lab, along with opening the Vascular Access Center, we are able to provide significant benefits and convenience to our patients and their families.

Our board certified vascular surgeons, have years of experience. To learn more about the Vascular Access Center or for more information on our vascular team, contact us or please call Vascular & Vein Specialists at (678) 207- 4000, We look forward to serving you.
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