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Robotic Colorectal Surgery

Robotic Colorectal Surgery

Our highly trained surgeons at The Longstreet Clinic have advanced experience with treating colorectal cancer. Recent technology has allowed us to provide additional surgical options with more benefits than conventional surgery.
The robotic surgery system is the surgery of choice for rectal cancer which can mean a maximum hospital stay of up to seven days. The precision of the robotic incisions reduces the length of hospital stay as well as other unwanted post op complications. Another advantage of the robotic surgery method for colon surgery is the decrease in blood loss. With the superior results, surgeons project that the use of robotic surgery for rectal cancer is only going to increase. In 2014 17% of rectal cancer surgeries were performed robotically compared to only 10% using the laparoscopic method.

Our team is committed to helping you through this process from beginning to end. To find out if you are a candidate for minimally invasive da Vinci surgery, contact The Longstreet Clinic to speak with an expert physician and begin treating your colorectal condition.