Cancer of the colon and rectum is one of the most common cancers across the globe – in fact the American Cancer Society reports that colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer in males and the fourth leading cause of cancer in females.

The good news is that, through screening procedures such as colonoscopy, you can take steps to help avoid colorectal cancer. These processes also allow you to catch colorectal cancer at an early stage, improving your colon cancer treatments and prognosis. However, there are many scenarios in which colorectal cancer – even when discovered at a relatively early stage – requires colorectal surgery to fully address the situation.

This not uncommon outcome is why Longstreet Clinic’s expert physicians offer a mix of experience and innovative technology to produce optimal colorectal surgery outcomes.

In fact, Longstreet Clinic is home to one of the only board-certified, fellowship-trained colorectal surgeons in north Georgia. Learn more about Dr. Fernando Aycinena, M.D., FACS, FASCRS.

Technological advances in colorectal surgery

Robotic surgery – performed by Longstreet Clinic physicians using the da Vinci Surgical system – is now the colorectal surgery of choice for colon cancer treatments. This pathway has drastically reduced the amount of recovery time required and now allows patients to have a maximum hospital stay of up to seven days, whereas older methods may require a much longer hospital stay. 

This is possible because the da Vinci Surgical system allows Longstreet Clinic surgeons to make ultra-precise incisions. This meticulous approach also allows you to avoid other unwanted post-op complications and decreases the blood loss that used to be common during colon surgery. 

Thanks to superior results, physicians project that the use of robots in colorectal surgery will only increase. Indeed, since being introduced in 2000, it has continually increased year after year. For example, in 2014, 17 percent of rectal cancer surgeries were performed robotically compared to only 10 percent using the laparoscopic method. And the use of da Vinci Surgical system has also begun to be utilized for colon surgery.

About colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer occurs in both men and women and is most often found among people who are over the age of 50. Colorectal refers to the colon and rectum, which together make up the large intestine. Colorectal cancer can originate anywhere in the large intestines. The majority of colorectal cancers develop first as polyps, abnormal growths inside the colon or rectum that may become cancerous.

The ACS recommends that even healthy people at normal risk for colon cancer should undergo a colonoscopy at age 45 and every 10 years thereafter, for the purpose of removing colonic polyps before they become cancerous. 

Longstreet Clinic’s caring and experienced providers also utilize the latest and most accurate colorectal cancer screenings. In fact, our surgeons perform more than 2,000 colonoscopy procedures annually in a relaxed and professional setting. Colonoscopy screenings are performed on an outpatient basis at Gainesville Surgery Center and Northeast Georgia Medical Center. And our board-certified general surgeons will walk with you through each step of the process.

Each of our physicians has a great deal of experience performing colonoscopies and will work with you to ensure that your entire examination goes as comfortably and smoothly as possible.

Whether the procedure is for routine cancer screening or another colon-related issue, Longstreet Clinic’s team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing you with the most effective treatment in as relaxing an environment as possible.

Consider your colorectal health now. If you are of the right age, please consider a screening as soon as possible. No matter your situation, Longstreet Clinic is here to help. 

For more information about our techniques, such as the da Vinci Surgical system, to schedule a colon cancer screening, or simply to talk with one of our colorectal surgery physicians, please contact us today at 770-536-2323.

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