There is no need to be shy about hemorrhoids – 50 percent of Americans will, at some point in their lives, be affected by this health concern. And while conservative treatments such as topical creams, steroids and a high fiber diet can produce significant relief, there are times when more precise and comprehensive hemorrhoid treatment is required. 

If you are having significant and persistent issues with hemorrhoids, it may be worth consulting a physician. While most patients do not require surgery for their hemorrhoids, the physicians at Longstreet Clinic evaluate each patient individually and will determine the best and least invasive treatment plan for you.

However, if they determine that surgery is the best course of treatment, you may be surprised at the effectiveness and simplicity of the procedure.

How do I know if my hemorrhoid issues require care?

Sometimes it is obvious, but not always, that your hemorrhoids may require more than just over-the-counter relief. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, do not hesitate to contact a care provider:

  • Any type of rectal bleeding
  • Any pain or discomfort
  • Persistent problems despite over-the-counter creams or other remedies
  • Stools that look maroon or tarry in color (a sign of blood in stool)

It may be that you are experiencing inflamed hemorrhoids – known as piles. Piles may vary in size and can be internal or external. Although hemorrhoids and piles often go away on their own, it’s best if you meet with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Should you need more intensive help, know that our surgeons have extensive experience in the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids and piles. 

Medical hemorrhoids treatment

Here’s a look at the different hemorrhoid procedures we offer, including hemorrhoid surgery:

  • External hemorrhoidectomy: This procedure can be done in the office to relieve the acute pain caused by thrombosed external hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoid banding: Also an office procedure, it is sometimes used to treat internal hemorrhoids.
  • Stapled hemorrhoidopexy: This procedure is used to treat internal hemorrhoids by cutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoids. It is done in the operating room under general anesthesia. Post-operatively, the patients experience little to no pain. This is also referred to as a “painless hemorrhoidectomy.”
  • Traditional hemorrhoidectomy: This is the traditional operation for removing hemorrhoids. Although this is associated with significant post-operative pain, our surgeons have a new technique using an On-Q Pain Pump to significantly decrease post-op pain.

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There is no reason for you to suffer with hemorrhoids, there are several simple and effective treatments that will put you at ease and get you back to normal, and Longstreet Clinic physicians are ready to help you today.

We look forward to talking with you and determining the optimal treatment for your hemorrhoid or piles problems. Call us at 770-536-2323.

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