Lose Big, Gain More: Rebecca’s Weight Loss Journey

Doctor gets fresh start after losing 125 pounds.

Rebecca Ando, M.D., looks back at a large part of her life and sees a battle – a battle she often found herself losing.

“I always struggled with my weight,” Rebecca said. “I remember starting my first diet at 8 years old. I would try and lose some weight, but I’d put it back on, and I ended up losing the same weight over and over.”

No more, however.

A life-changing decision

Thanks to a firm decision and the help of Robert Richard, M.D., of Longstreet Clinic’s Center for Weight Management, Rebecca recently scored a huge victory in the battle for her health.

In fact, in just over a year Rebecca has lost 125 pounds.

And she intends to stay on the winning side.

“I recently had a son, and I found myself wondering, what do I want for my child and myself,” said Rebecca, who is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology at Longstreet Clinic. “I decided I wanted to be the best mother and role model I could be and that meant getting healthy enough to be able to play with my son, which I could not do without getting too out of breath and getting tired.”

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