3D Digital Mammography

Specialized imaging to screen for breast cancer.

Mammograms are a specialized imaging test that uses low-dose radiation to capture X-rays of the breast. They are used as a preventative technique to screen for breast cancer in women. These screenings can also be diagnostic for women who present a lump or another sign of the disease.

Longstreet Clinic is pleased to offer leading edge mammography technology. The Senographe Pristina 3D by GE provides enhanced comfort for the patient while also providing more clarity and superior diagnostic accuracy for the radiologists examining the images.

It is advised that women age 40 or older receive mammograms each year in order to reduce their risk of suffering breast cancer. (Most insurance plans and Medicare currently cover annual screening mammograms to check for breast cancer for all women who are 40 and older with no co-pay or deductible.)

If you have a family history of breast cancer it is important that you speak with your physician about scheduling a mammogram screening earlier as well as inquire about the genetic implications. Mammograms are the best form of early detection for the presence of a suspicious mass.

Are Mammograms Safe?

At the Longstreet Clinic Breast Center, all mammograms are performed utilizing digital technology which provides better pictures with a lower radiation dose. Along with computer-aided detection (CAD), the radiologist is able to search the digitized mammographic images for abnormalities. 3D mammography, also referred to as Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) or tomo, helps clinicians see behind normal breast tissue where abnormalities could hide in 2D images and between overlapping breast tissues.

Types of Mammograms

Screening Mammograms are performed by compressing the breast in a dedicated mammography unit, designed to assess the tissue. While receiving regular mammograms cannot reduce the chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer, it can help detect malignant tumors sooner.

Diagnostic mammograms are more in-depth than screening mammograms as they require more images to evaluate the breast tissue from several vantage points. Diagnostic mammograms can magnify an area to provide more detailed images, which allows the physician to make more accurate decisions. These may be ordered by your physician if you have implants, dense breast tissue or have been previously diagnosed with cancer.

Diagnostic mammograms can only be performed under the supervision of a radiologist. We have radiologists on duty at our women-only Breast Center.

And additional tool Longstreet Clinic deploys for women with dense breast tissue is ABUS – 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound. When combined with mammography, ABUS helps increase detection up to 35% in dense breast tissue.

Learn more about ABUS.


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To schedule an appointment, please call 770-533-4700. Mammography services are offered within our Breast Center, located on the second floor of Building B of our Gainesville campus.

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