Oncology Genetic Counseling Program

Exploring our legacies to inform our future

We all have a family history, and often our past can shed light on where we may be headed. This is even true in medicine, and certainly in cancer care, where genetic risks can be evaluated by clinical study. That is why Longstreet Clinic Cancer Center offers genetic testing – to provide our patients with a clear picture of inherited and familial cancer risks.

What is genetic testing?

We provide an in-depth, personalized consultation designed to fully inform patients of their relevant genetic cancer links and assess familial cancer risk. Our detailed clinical data answers questions, dispels myths and gives patients a complete and clear look at their genetic cancer risk.

Longstreet’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), specially trained in genetic counseling, will evaluate each patient’s genetic make-up based on details from that patient’s obtained history. We study three generations of familial genetics in order to obtain a clear and complete picture that we communicate to our patients.

 How is genetic testing performed?

Our advanced practice providers will take small samples of blood, and sometimes saliva, in order to analyze for the presence of gene mutations associated with an increased risk of a specific cancer type. These tests may help guide decisions about medical care, both in the present and future.

Keeping the patient informed

Following our analysis, Longstreet Clinic’s providers meet with each patient to discuss findings, provide a complete look at the individual’s health in relation to genetics and offer recommendations. As with all of our patients, we are here to provide support and options, regardless of findings. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information available.

How do I obtain genetic counseling?

If you have a personal or family history of cancer, your primary care provider may recommend genetic counseling. Patients may also request an appointment on their own by contacting our Cancer Center. Genetic counseling requires a full panel of information, including past medical history regarding cancer diagnosis for both the patient and their family members. Currently we offer this service at our Gainesville office only.

For an appointment with Longstreet Clinic’s Oncology Genetic Counseling Program, call us at 770-297-5700 or email us here.

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