COVID-19 testing, screening & protocols

Here's what to do if you're sick.

As part of Longstreet Clinic’s robust and ongoing COVID-19 response plan following CDC recommendations, we are are continuously adjusting our sick visit protocols to assure safety for patients and visitors, as well as to support patients with symptoms in need of assessment and treatment immediately. If COVID-19, flu and other infections in our community spike, Longstreet Clinic may temporarily make adjustments to screening processes for the safety of all patients, staff and visitors.

Current protocols for sick visits and patient/visitor screenings

(Updated Sept. 30, 2022)

If you are sick or feeling unwell, please call your provider’s office. Based on your symptoms, you may be directed to a telehealth/video visit. If appropriate, your provider may order testing via our drive thru location in Gainesville.

If you are walking in for an Urgent Care visit in Gainesville, you will be directed to a screening/check-in station in our atrium, located in Building A near the Broad Street entrance. Our Urgent Care office in Gainesville is open 7 days a week.

If you are visiting for another reason or appointment in a different department or office location, please proceed as usual or follow any instructions your doctor’s office may have given in advance.

Per current CDC guidance, Longstreet Clinic employees, clinical and nonclinical, as well as patients and visitors, are no longer required to wear masks. However, you may wear a mask or face covering if that is your personal preference. Employees working with immunocompromised patients and acutely ill patients are asked to wear a mask. Patients displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may be offered a mask to wear while in our offices.

COVID-19 testing

If you are feeling unwell, call our office and our staff will help determine the best course of action which could include:

  • A telehealth visit OR
  • An in-person visit AND/OR
  • A COVID test order

If a COVID-19 test is ordered, you will be given instructions about our testing locations and hours. To make your experience as efficient as possible, please ensure you speak with one of our staff members and receive directions about testing before arrival.

Additional considerations/procedures

Longstreet Clinic has played a key role in the healthcare community’s response to COVID-19 by continuing to treat and manage patients in the outpatient setting, as well as caring for patients within the hospital. This includes maintaining access to medical care for patients in need of acute, obstetrical, pediatric and oncology care, as well as COVID-positive patients who can be managed at their homes through telehealth.

All of our locations across north Georgia are open for appointments. It is safe for you to get the medical care you need. Please do not delay necessary and preventive appointments. Telehealth options also are available and may be appropriate in some cases.

Read more about why it’s important for you to get preventive care and screenings as well as regular follow-up care for chronic conditions.

Our team is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This article was most recently updated on Oct. 4, 2022.

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