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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

What is Colorectal Cancer?

Worldwide, cancer of the colon and rectum is the third leading cause of cancer in males and the fourth leading cause of cancer in females according to the American Cancer Society. Colorectal cancer occurs in both men and women and is most often found among people who are over the age of 50. Colorectal refers to the colon and rectum, which together make up the large intestine. Colorectal cancer can originate anywhere in the large intestines. The majority of colorectal cancers develop first as polyps, abnormal growths inside the colon or rectum that may become cancerous.  

What Causes Colorectal Cancer?

The exact cause of most colorectal cancers is not yet known, however, quite often colorectal cancers occur in people with no known risk factors. Most cases of colorectal cancer begin as small growths, or polyps, inside the colon or rectum. People are more likely to develop colorectal cancer if they are older than 50, have a family history of this cancer, or have rare inherited colon cancer syndromes.

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