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Bariatric Surgery Online Seminar Registration

Bariatric Surgery Online Seminar Registration

We believe it is important for potential weight loss surgery patients to receive as much education as possible. This helps each patient decide which type of bariatric surgery is right for them. Therefore, if you are considering weight loss surgery, we ask that you attend a free information seminar, either online or in person, before scheduling a consultation with our bariatric surgeon.

By registering below, you can watch the online seminar in the comfort of your own environment. This seminar will answer questions about obesity, weight loss management, the differences between they types of bariatric surgeries and much, much more.

When you complete this online seminar about bariatric surgery, you will have the opportunity to take the next step on your amazing journey. We understand how important your privacy is, and we will not sell or share this information with any outside party.

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