Are you in search of an answer to your weight struggles? Are you also in need of structure and accountability in order to stick with a weight loss plan?

At Longstreet Clinic’s Center for Weight Management, we not only offer sure-fire methods to impact your health in a positive way, we also provide the kind of support and advice needed to help you follow through and see the end results of your hard work.

The Center for Weight Management’s Low Calorie Diet Plan provides patients with a high-nutrition, calorie-controlled menu prescribed by our bariatrician.

In the low calorie diet plan, our physician, along with a registered dietitian, work together to monitor your caloric intake, ensuring that you are receiving essential nutrients while safely losing weight.

It is a highly-effective plan in which we target your specific weight-loss goals and provide the structure in which to make it happen.

Our plans follow various structures based on individual needs, and they can also help those who have undergone bariatric surgical procedures, as they look for added help to kickstart their weight loss.

If you are overweight or obese and looking to gain control over your weight or are struggling with added health issues due to excess weight, then we can formulate a plan that will put you on a track to better health.

How it Works

At the Center for Weight Management we will sit down with you and devise a plan that will not only produce results but keep you safe and committed to the weight-loss process.

A low-calorie diet plan is not something that you should attempt on your own, as you may miss out on consuming key nutrients. That could cause more health problems than those inflicted by being overweight in the first place.

Thanks to our dietitian-controlled plans, you will not only be eating from a menu that will ensure weight loss, you will never be in danger of missing out on key nutrients.

Our low calorie diet program can also be adapted for pre- and post-bariatric surgery patients, as well as individuals with Type-2 diabetes. Whatever your needs, we will piece together a plan that will get results.

Our program will also put you on the path to long-term success as you learn healthy habits you can carry with you for the rest of your life. This includes a healthy exercise regimen that will act as a compliment to what you’re eating.

Improving your diet and exercising better are tried-and-true methods for weight loss. But eating the wrong things and working the wrong way can not only lead to further problems, they can put you off dieting and discourage any gains that you make, leading to a yo-yo pattern where the weight returns.

We will restrict the number of calories you ingest, but we will do it safely. Consuming fewer calories is a guaranteed route to weight loss, and you will experience real results in a short amount of time.

What it Includes

  • Orientation
  • Medical evaluation including EKG & lab work
  • Individual nutrition counseling with registered dietitian
  • Weekly group educational sessions
  • Additional visit(s) with physician
  • Three meals a day for the duration of your program

What Are the Results of the Low-Calorie Diet Program

Successful diet plans are not one size fits all; each one should be slightly altered depending on the patient and their individual needs.

However, results of the low-calorie diet plan do produce consistent results that can be long-lasting.Our low-calorie plan can help patients to lose around 2 to 3 pounds per week.

Weight loss of that type will not only help you to look and feel better, it could also have important effects on your overall health, including helping you to gain control over your blood sugar and aiding those patients with Type 2 diabetes.

The Low Calorie Diet will teach patients to maintain an ongoing healthy lifestyle by eating necessary nutrients, changing behavior and regular exercise. The Low Calorie Program incorporates grocery foods with meal replacements and protein supplements.

Who Is the Low-Calorie Diet Plan Designed For?

Longstreet Clinic’s low calorie diet plan works best for individuals who have at least 40 pounds to lose and a BMI greater than 25.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of your weight derived from tissue mass (muscle, fat and bone) and height. Your BMI Is calculated by your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in meters). The National Institute (NIH) determined that a BMI of 30 or higher is categorized as obese, while that of a person between 25-30 is overweight. A normal BMI is categorized as that between 18.5-20.

Maintaining a BMI of 25 or above for a length of time not only wears on your psychology, as you deal with the mental stress of being overweight, it also brings detrimental effects to your physicality, as your body works to cope with the added mass.

Being overweight causes your bodily systems to work overtime, stressing your heart, liver, lungs, brain and beyond and can eventually lead to additional problems such as Type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure, not to mention declining energy and concentration levels.

If you have a BMI of 30 or above it is imperative that you find a way to lose weight. Obesity puts an extraordinary strain on you body and will lead to what is termed in the medical industry as co-morbidities. These include increased risks of stroke, gout, phlebitis and a multiple types of cancer.

Losing weight and ending obesity will lead to reduced risk of organ damage (liver, lung, heart), as well as reduce the risk of cancers associated with obesity including:

▪           Esophagus

▪           Pancreas

▪           Colon and rectum

▪           Breast (after menopause)

▪           Endometrium (lining of the uterus)

▪           Kidney

▪           Thyroid

▪           Gallbladder

If you find yourself struggling with obesity, it is never too late to get started and seek relief. And there are solutions at hand, no matter your situation.

Longstreet Clinic’s Center for Weight Management staff will make your health our No. 1 priority and will do that for life. We are dedicated to seeing you through all of your weight loss needs, but we also know that victory requires a lifelong commitment. Therefore we make a lifelong commitment to be there for you, whether that be through education, support or medical needs.

We also host support groups, as we know fellow patients and their experiences and help can be just as important as that of the medical community.

Don’t Wait, Get Started Today

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Patients who follow the plan closely will experience a loss of 2-3 pounds every week.

Our dedicated team and board-certified Our team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to helping you find your best and healthiest self. Part of that pact means establishing lifelong relationships in order to track your success and progress.

Learn about the benefits of our Medical Weight Loss Program.

We are pleased to provide a safe and effective medical weight loss option for all overweight individuals. If you are ready to take steps to change your life today, please call 770-534-0110, or email us.

The Longstreet Difference

We know that it is not easy to make life changes, and that is why we’re here to help give you the road map to success. We have every angle covered and will be there for you, no matter your situation.

We also keep an open dialogue with you. There are no questions we have not heard before, and we want you to ask as many as you can think of. The ultimate goal is your health and happiness, and our only goal is to help you achieve it.

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