Longstreet Clinic’s Center for Weight Management continues to be recognized as a leader – not only in its medical field but also as a group of providers dedicated to the health of its patients. The latest recognition for the Center for Weight Management came from Atlanta Magazine, where it was featured in the publication’s 2022 Medical Guide.

Recognizing some of the top care providers across the healthcare spectrum, the 2022 Medical Guide noted that:

“…Longstreet’s passion for walking patients through their individual weight-loss journeys to obtain their best health possible is evident in everything they do. Dr. Robert Richard, Dr. Miguel del Mazo, and Dr. Eric Velasquez aim to ensure the best care possible, giving you assurance that you are accessing the expertise and compassion of one of the highest quality healthcare teams available…”

You can read more of the article here

Atlanta Magazine’s 2022 Medical Guide also featured a question-and-answer session with Dr. Richard, in which he discusses the reasons why bariatric surgery offers a positive and decisive option for many patients:

“Many people do not know that obesity actually has a medical designation, just like cancer or asthma. In other words, obesity is not a lifestyle choice – it is a chronic disease and lifelong journey. … I assure you surgery is not a shortcut. It is a process that takes commitment, determination, and grit, but as I have seen time and again, it is a journey worth taking.”

You can read the entire Q&A with Atlanta Magazine here.

To learn more about Longstreet Clinic’s Center for Weight Management, Dr. Richard and his caring team of providers, and the numerous patients they have aided in their weight loss journeys, click here.

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