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Patients find weight loss success through bariatric surgery.

The decision to have weight loss surgery is more than just a quick fix – it’s a lifelong journey. But for many who make the decision to change their lives, the long-term effects mean more than just a smaller number on the scale.

We invite you to explore just a few of the many tremendous stories we witness each day. For more information about our program, our providers and our locations, click here.

Ready to Tackle Life

Des Williams was an elite athlete, a former SEC running back. But even the elite need some help on occasion. So, at 38 when Des found himself at over 330 pounds, he turned to Longstreet Clinic’s Center for Weight Management.

After undergoing bariatric surgery, Des lost more than 80 pounds in four months and is loving the results. His team of care providers remind him of his playing days and have him in shape to tackle the game of life.

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Stronger Together

Danny and Kristen Mote share a commitment that few couples can match – and they have the results to prove it.

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Celebrating the Wins

For 45 years, Stephanie's weight held her back — but now she's celebrating as her wins take center stage. Wins like seeing the scale in the 100s for the first time in years and earning gold in her first pickleball tournament!

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Achieving Success and Happiness

Lexi Fraser-Tinnian’s job is helping others to realize their health and life goals at Longstreet’s Center for Weight Management – and it was through this experience that she realized that she could do the same for herself. Now the newly married wife and mother is enjoying an adventurous outdoors life and thanking the day she decided on her own surgical weight loss.

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'I wish I would've done it sooner'

Years of diets in the quest to drop excess weight – only to watch it return with a vengeance – left Christine Price discouraged. Then the heart palpitations began. Three years later, she's down 125 pounds and keeping the weight off for good.

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Kickstarting a New Life

Bariatric surgery kickstarts a new life for Keaten who has battled obesity since she was a young girl.

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Dreaming Big Again

At 380 pounds, Jeff Russo long stopped dreaming of walking the famed Camino de Santiago path in Spain because of his weight- but not anymore. Follow his weight loss journey from beginning to end and see how losing more than 170 pounds through bariatric surgery has given him the freedom to dream big again.

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A Walking Miracle

Gwen Garner-Rouse is very nearly a walking miracle. In September 2019, the then 69-year-old retired college administrator suffered an aneurysm of her superior mesenteric artery, a rare occurrence that fewer than 2% survive. Fast-thinking and skilled medical trauma personnel saved her life that day, but her decision to have gastric bypass surgery in 2018 after years of battling obesity – and the subsequent 150 pounds of excess weight she lost – enabled them to find and stop the aneurism before it was too late.

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A Doctor's Perspective

Rebecca Ando, M.D., looks back at a large part of her life and sees a battle – a battle she often found herself losing. However, thanks to the team at Longstreet Clinic, Dr. Ando is now down 125 pounds and back on the winning side.

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From 350 pounds to 5,000 miles

After losing 154 pounds, Scott Ledford now bicycles over 5,000 miles a year, yet just two-and-a-half years ago, Scott weighed almost 350 pounds and struggled with both high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

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Doing More Now Than Ever

A trip to Dollywood with family and friends left Cassie Head 'fed up' and embarrassed when she couldn't participate in a rollercoaster ride due to her weight. Determined to do something about her body weight, she came to Dr. Richard who has since helped her gain back her confidence and be able do more now than ever before.

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