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Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are a few options for weight loss surgery. To learn more, please see the links below:

Gastric Bypass SurgeryGastric Bypass Surgery:

In the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RNY), a golf ball-sized part of your stomach is surgically divided from the rest of the stomach, completely separating the two pieces in most cases. The now much smaller stomach severely restricts the amount of food you can take in. The larger lower portion of the stomach never holds food again, but does help with digestion. Learn More...

Gastric Sleeve SurgeryGastric Sleeve:

The gastric sleeve procedure, also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy, inhibits the amount of food you can eat by removing about 2/3 of the stomach. Unlike the gastric bypass, no other aspect of the digestion system is affected, so your body will not inhibit your food choices, only the amount you consume. Learn More...

Adjustable Band SurgeryAdjustable Gastric Banding:

Gastric banding places a ring around the upper part of your stomach to form a small pouch that can hold only about ½ cup of food, so you feel full faster. The adjustable ring also creates a small opening that slows the passage of food from the small upper pouch to the rest of the stomach and intestines, making you feel full longer.

Learn More...

Gastric Balloon:Orbera Gastric Balloon

The ORBERATM, balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth by an endoscope. Once the balloon is in place, the surgeon inflates the balloon with saline in order to fill space in the stomach. The inflated balloon sits in the stomach and makes you feel full sooner.Learn More...

Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch:

Duodenal Switch is a laparoscopic surgery where weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach, allowing a person to feel fuller more quickly after eating. Learn More...

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