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Body Composition Analysis

What is a body composition analysis?  A body composition analysis provides information, such as total body weight, percent body fat, percent body water, percent lean mass, body mass index (BMI), resting metabolism and other critical health factors related to total body composition.

Our device, The Body Comp Scale©, measures the entire body composition and is generally considered to be a more accurate and reliable instrument than half of other brand body devices. This is due to the fact that our device actually measures body composition from head to toe.

So how is a body composition analysis performed? First you remove your socks and shoes and step onto the weighting platform. After entering basic information like your age, height, and gender, you will simply grab a pair of handles and an undetectable electric current is sent throughout the entire body, allowing for the calculation of the whole body composition. The process is painless and takes less than a minute.

Free Body Composition Analysis

Once the process is complete, your personalized body composition analysis is calculated and your personalized report will be prepared.  Our dietician will review the report with you privately to discuss the information contained and to answer any questions that you may have.  All participants will receive a copy to take from the office.

The body mass scale which we utilize measures your body composition over the entire body, rather than half the body, and is inherently more accurate because of the nature of its reading.

Contact our Center for Weight Management now to schedule your FREE personalized body composition analysis. We want to help you change today.